Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Review of two Tasty Bite Kosher Pre-Made Curries

To all those who love quickly prepared dinners, vegetarian kosher meals, then -TastyBite pre-made meals will be great for you.

While not as tasty as a restaurant dish, many nights have been helped out with speeding through meals with a surprisingly authentic ethnic taste. There are several different brands out there, all sporting this cool hechsher, a menorah!

Unfourtanately, these particular dishes left much too be desired. I had never tried either of them, and I wanted to make new things and review new things for this blog.

First, I am going to speak about the Massaman vegetables. Massaman curries are a wonderful thing when they are made right, and Thai restaurants really do it right. Super coconut creamy, super peanuty, with a potato intensive group of veggies and protein, this southern Thai curry has been my number one curry favorite for a long time. Coming from the name Muslim, it is a unique curry on the spectrum, and Tasty Bite truly "al chetted," missed the mark with this one. The flavor was slightly peanut and left much to be desired, the veggies didn't come out so well including soggy peanuts, and the overall experience was not as happy as I would have liked. I give it a 2/7 - 2 Tim Curry Smiles.

And now to move on to the Paneer Makhani.  Makhani is one of my favorite styles of Indian cuisine, meaning with Butter.  The most famous Makhani dish, and the most popular in lunch buffets, is Chicken in Butter sauce, but that doesn't work for my mouth, so we are going to eat with Paneer. Paneer is simple farmer's cheese that we will be making some time in the blog. Its literally just the curds of normal milk boiled off, super simple to make.
Back to the curry, this one actually had some flavor to it, and if it weren't for the paneer which had a terrible texture, I would have really enjoyed this dish.
I give the Paneer Makhani 3/7 - 3 Tim Curry Faces!.


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